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Drug Crime Lawyer

Drug Crime Lawyer

drug2The drug possession lawyers at the Law Offices of Lawrence Goodwin endorse the belief that anyone who has been charged of any crime, regardless of the severity, deserves to have his or her rights defended. If you or your loved one has been charged with drug possession, this belief applies to you. When charged with the crime of possessing drugs, you deserve to have an OKC drug lawyer that will aggressively defend your rights during your trial, and that is what I will do as your attorney. I will provide you with the information that you need about the charges that have been filed against you, as well as information that will help you understand the trial process so that it is less overwhelming for you.

I have defended numerous criminal cases and will do the same for you. I have successfully defended many different cases involving criminal charges, including DUIs, drug possession, robbery, domestic abuse, and many others. The experience and knowledge that I have gained through these cases will aid me in defending you or your loved one as well. If your freedom is at stake because of a charge of drug-related crimes, don’t hesitate to call our law offices at 405-605-7771 and schedule an appointment with an Oklahoma drug crime attorney who is experienced with helping people defend their rights.

Depending on the specific charges that have been brought against you or your loved one, you may be facing a range of consequences. The specific charges are based upon the quantity and type of illegal drug that you were found in possession of. You may be charged with anything from merely possession, which would result in the most lenient consequences, to trafficking in illegal drugs and that is the most severe. Generally, drug-related crimes are considered to be felonies in the state of Oklahoma. For this reason, it is extremely important for your future to ensure that you hire a premier drug crime lawyer. Give us a call at 405-605-7771.

There are many different ways that an experienced drug crime attorney in Oklahoma City can handle a case of drug possession. All of the ways intend to assist clients in acquiring a dismissal of all charges. As in all criminal cases, the State bears the responsibility of proving all aspects of the charges that have been brought against you, and this burden of proof works to your advantage. A qualified drug lawyer seeks to provide reasonable doubt that there was probable cause of your possession as well as justification for any search and seizure that resulted in your charges. The method by which I and my firm gain dismissals of charges may at first seem confusing, but by contacting me for a free consultation, I can easily explain them to you and prepare to work with you on your particular case.