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parernityIf you fathered a child outside of wedlock, you still have paternal rights and here at the Law Offices of Lawrence Goodwin, we seek to protect your Oklahoma paternity rights. Call our office at 405-605-7771 to schedule a free consultation with one of our paternity attorneys who can explain paternity laws to you. With our help, you can establish paternity and will be able to see your child. In your free consultation, one of our paternity attorneys will address all of the concerns and questions that you have about how to establish paternity and understand Oklahoma’s paternity law. We can help you understand your rights in regards to custody, visitation, and child support. We can help you be the father than you desire to be.

The paternity attorneys at the Law Offices of Lawrence Goodwin can also provide help to mothers who are seeking to establish the paternity of their child. In our office, we value your time and seek to help protect your rights in any situation in which you find yourself. If you are a mother to a child who was born outside of wedlock, you can take advantage of our paternity law services as well. We are familiar with all aspects of paternity law in order to help both fathers and mothers do what is best for their children. Call us today at 405-605-7771 for a free consultation with an attorney experienced in practicing paternity law. We can help you establish paternity, set custody, visitation, and get the child support that your child deserves.

Similar to divorce cases, in cases where legal paternity is being determined by a court, the goal of both the family and attorneys involved is to ascertain what is best for the child. To ensure that your child gets what he or she deserves, you need an attorney who is experienced establishing paternity for both fathers and mothers. The Law Offices of Lawrence Goodwin are dedicated to both paternal and maternal rights in order to help provide children with the family and support that they need as they grow up. This law firm will help you establish and maintain your relationship with your child whether you are the father or the mother. Call 405-605-7771 to schedule your free consultation so that we can begin discussing your specific case with you.