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Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Traffic Ticket Lawyer

We, at the Law Offices of Lawrence Goodwin, P.C., know that traffic tickets can be a huge inconvenience, but they can greatly impact your ability to drive as well as your insurance coverage rate. If you are unable to drive due to the accumulation of points on your license, then this can negatively impact your ability to work and your life in general. I, as your Oklahoma traffic ticket lawyer, will help you defend yourself after you have received any type of trafficking ticket. With my help, you will save time and will not have to stress about the future of your license and auto insurance. There are many expenses that come with a high number of traffic ticket points, and I can help you avoid them.

Whether your ticket is something small, such as a speeding or seat belt violation, or a more significant offense that resulted in a car accident, having access to an Oklahoma City traffic court lawyer can be beneficial to you. Both minor and major offenses can negatively impact your driving record and your ability to drive. With my help, you can get the aid that you need to try to avoid those negative effects. If you received a traffic ticket after a wreck in which other people were involved, it is important that you have access to a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney to ensure that you are not charged unjustly. I will provide you with information and defense throughout this process so that your rights are protected.

Inversely, if you have been the victim of vehicular negligence and were injured as a result, I can help you in that situation as well. As a traffic attorney, I have experience dealing with many different traffic ticket scenarios and can provide you with the information and help that you need to recover from your incident and return to your regular life. I am familiar with the laws regarding both traffic tickets and personal injuries, and can help you in any situation in which you find yourself. Whether you have an issue with the person who caused the accident in which you were involved or are struggling getting the money you deserve from your insurance agency, I can help you with any of your traffic law needs. I have an impressive track record of helping my fellow Oklahomans receive necessary time off from work, as well as compensation for paying medical bills and coping with pain and suffering. I can help you with your specific case as well.

Call the Law Offices of Lawrence Goodwin at 405-605-7771 to schedule an appointment with me for your free consultation to discuss how I can help you with your traffic ticket or auto injury needs.