Where is the Oklahoma City Divorce Court Located?

Where is the Oklahoma City Divorce Court Located?

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Most couples in Oklahoma have enough problems simply starting off their Oklahoma City divorce process, let alone getting to a divorce court or finding a divorce attorney. Choosing a good, Oklahoma divorce attorney is an overwhelming task on its own, as a divorce attorney will help you make most of the important decisions concerning your marriage, through his or her expert advice. Since Oklahoma City divorce matters are complex and critical, you should not just choose any divorce attorney in the address book, and there are a few issues you have to keep in mind when making decisions regarding your Oklahoma City divorce.

First, your choice of divorce attorney should be an attorney experienced in family law, specifically in Oklahoma City divorce cases. In Oklahoma, there are board-certified lawyers in family law; board certification is the highest rating standard for professional lawyers. In addition to board certification, divorce attorneys are supposed to maintain an active practice and undergo regular scrutiny of their experiences, documents, and peer reviews. Furthermore, the Oklahoma divorce attorney is supposed to receive continuing education on family law each year. He or she may be a bit expensive to hire, but they will have good experience. You must also be able to communicate with your divorce attorney. The language of communication should be plain English, not legal jargon.

It’s also important to choose a divorce attorney that you are comfortable with, as you will be revealing highly personal information about your family and your marriage. Moreover, he or she should have good negotiation skills and be comfortable in an Oklahoma City divorce court. You may ask him or her to give references of divorce cases he or she has handled in the recent past and their outcome. Success in negotiating with other divorce attorneys in the past may be a good indication of his skills and competence. In addition, it is good to choose a divorce attorney within Oklahoma, as an Oklahoma City divorce attorney understands the style of judges that may hear your divorce trial. Thus, he may be in a position to adjust his strategy to fit what is expected; this is likely to hand you a favorable ruling. If you have a dire and complex financial situation, consider a divorce attorney that has solid knowledge in financial matters or one with links to financial experts. Divorces are as much of financial negotiations as they are about the dissolution of marriages.

You must also be comfortable with the style of your divorce attorney. If you need to keep matters calm, explain that to the lawyer; there are some lawyers who are able to keep their cool, while others are jugular and confrontational. However, do not confuse your lawyer with your religious adviser or a marriage consultant. He or she will add up the cost for the time he used to pick your non-essential calls.

If you do not have enough cash to pay a seasoned, Oklahoma divorce attorney, you may work with a relatively less experienced one. Seasoned lawyers charge higher retainers than less seasoned ones, but novices sometimes work a little harder to build their reputations, which is to your advantage. Also, most lawyers charge on an hourly basis, however, there are a few that would charge a flat rate. No one can effectively tell how a divorce trial will play, so it is not possible to estimate the total cost of the case. For a trusted, professional divorce attorney, the Law Offices of Lawrence Goodwin has effectively secured several favorable rulings in divorce cases in Oklahoma City for past clients.

If you are facing a divorce trial, avoid hiring inexperienced lawyers, as it could prove costly in the end. Contact www.okcdivorcelaw.com for professional, affordable, experienced legal assistance regarding your divorce. For interested parties, the Oklahoma City Divorce Court is located at 320 Robert S. Kerr Avenue, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73102. The Family Domestic (Divorce) Department can be reached at (405) 713-1736, and is there to assist in the processing of all relevant papers in an Oklahoma City divorce.